Q: What changes can I expect in my child after attending this course?

A: Student’s thinking and motivation toward college preparation is the first change observed. Early in the course they realize that college is not the goal but the key to open the door to career success and a better life. This realization results in a desire to learn how to plan for a successful future.

Secondly, students replace fear with plans to reach their education goals.   The confidence that accompanies the clear plans leads to increased goal oriented actions.  

Thirdly, they realize that, in this competitive job market, hard work alone will not guarantee success like it once did.  This realization leads to deeper planning and better career research.  

Q: Is this course helpful if my child is not yet thinking about or is ambivalent to attending college?

A: Yes. Most students benefit in 3 ways.

  1. Motivational thinking about college is the first way we see a change.  Students realize that they can still enjoy their current stage in life and prepare for college. This motivational thinking inspires improvement and maturation.  It also tends to be less controversial because the students hear it from someone other than their parents. This course is effective in motivating the vast majority of students to desire to reach their potential and learning to balance all aspects of life.
  2. The successful motivation of students from this course is largely because it was designed by a physician with specialty training in psychiatry, psychotherapy and many years of working with youth groups. This course recognizes the developmental stages and uses verified techniques that motivate the students while also empowering them. The student is encouraged to progress while allowing them to maintain control of their own decisions.
  3. In a University Excel Seminar, participants pay to attend.  This keeps personal interest at a higher level and the environment becomes infectious. Participants tend to see other examples of students who are goal oriented while still responsibly enjoying the current stage of life. The seminar’s interactive teaching style tends to keep the students motivated, engaged and promotes learning from peer’s good examples.

Q: Should I attend my school’s offered college prep course if I am using University Excel’s training?

A: Yes. University Excel always encourages all its clients to seek out and utilize the courses offered by their school. Most high school preparation courses reinforce some material taught by our trainers. Most high school courses are not designed around the student's psychology and will struggle to change thinking.  However, they will reinforce many important principles and have a positive impact on preparations. Therefore, we always encourage utilizing that resource. 

Q: Can I get this course for my child (grandchild)?

A: Yes. Most students attendees are due to parents, grandparents or friends sending them to this course. Many times it's a graduation present that is given well before graduation. This present tends to be the most empowering thing the student receives for graduation.

Q: How is the course offered by University Excel different than the college prep courses offered in high school?

A: Though high school preparation courses vary greatly, they are all recommended by University Excel. However, in the past, the University Excel clients typically show clear improvement from the level they attained with their school’s prep course.

Our programs have 4 strengths that most others will not match.

  1. Our material is a collaboration of elite individual's habits that will rival any other training program. Moreover, the presentation of this material organized by a physician with specialty training in psychiatry and understands adolescent thinking.
  2. Our instructors are people who were elite in college, professional careers and are natural “teachers”.

    Our philosophy could be compared to the Navy Seal’s. Though many psychologists understand the mentality of a Special Operations Soldier, only Navy Seals are allowed to instruct seal candidates in their training. This is for obvious reasons. We also strive to limit our instructors to proven elite performers.

  3. We address all topics without any influence from administration or political interests.  Many prep courses are sponsored by high schools or other institutions that have pressures and/or guidelines that encourage them to avoid certain topics or advice. University Excel only cares about preparing its clients to make the most educated decisions and having the best plan to reach your goals. Though we always strive to maintain respect and avoid discrimination, our client’s success supersedes any political interests. 
  4. The peers in a University Excel course are motivated. Many students in a high school prep course are not motivated and struggle to take it seriously. This greatly influence other students and diminishes the effectiveness of that class.

    In a University Excel Seminar, students pay to attend.  Motivation is very high and the environment becomes infectious. With our interactive teaching style and step by step guideline utilized after the course, our students tend to keep each other motivated, engaged and learning tends to stay at a high level.

Q: How can I justify paying for this course when I am trying to save for college?

A: This course usually costs less than the cost for one 3 credit hour course at a public university. The investment in this course usually results in much lower total costs for a degree. By having the skills taught in our course and making an initial investment in yourself (or your child), the student will be empowered to graduate sooner than the majority and will start to make money sooner. 

Studies are showing that the majority of students are taking 5 years to complete a 4 year degree. This is for a variety of reasons; from class failures, changing majors, to not having a plan for your efforts. When one considers the cost of attending college for an extra year and then adds the year of lost income that would have been earned in that extra year, the amount would be staggering. We empower the students to graduate in 4 years with very little debt. 

Additionally, the confidence that our clients can gain by implementing the strategies in this course, are priceless. Often we see students “break the mold” and gain confidence while still in high school. Many times our clients are the first to attend college in their family. Gaining confidence with our course enables those students to become elite and excel in their new direction. This new confidence often propels our students to become professionals in fields they originally felt to be “out of reach”.

Q: Who is this course designed for?

A: This course is designed to give a solid foundation for success to anyone from the sophomore/junior in high school to an adult that is returning to college to pursue a new career. It teaches the client the skills necessary to excel in school and translate that education into career opportunities. It is for anyone that wants to attend anything from trade school to a prestigious university.

Most of all, this course is for those who know they are smart enough but just need a plan. We find that most high school grades don’t indicate a person’s potential. Therefore, once someone realizes that they want to become elite, University Excel is the vehicle that enables them.

Q: How early in my high school career would you recommend this course?

A: Though any age from high school to adults returning to college will benefit greatly, we see few students have maturity for this course before junior year of high school. For that reason we recommend that students be Junior year of high school or later. Though some high school sophomores take this course and benefit greatly, we find that the maturity level of high school Juniors (11th grade) and beyond tends to work best.

This course often benefits juniors in high school because they make a plan for ACT/SAT prep, college application and more. Motivated juniors will utilize their senior year to verify possible career choices by “job shadowing”. These individuals tend to graduate with high motivation and tend to excel in college.

The trend of high school sophomores that take this course is that they will take it as a sophomore then again as a high school senior.

Q: What does this course teach in addition to study skills?

A: How to prepare while still in high school, how to pay for college while avoiding debt, how to choose a school and major, how to make that degree translate in to a desired job, and much more.  

We realize that getting good grades is only the first step. 

This course gives the client the tools and strategies to make college translate into career success. 

Q: What is the typical Return on Investment seen by those that take the course and follow its guidelines?

A: Though there are clear financial returns, the biggest return on investment we see is the confidence that is instilled in the students as they succeed in school. Many students, for many reasons, struggle to believe that they can be elite in college. These thoughts often limit a student’s performance and they perform below their potential. We strive to give the tools that will obliterate those limits. We find that students who apply our strategies, find success before college begins and those pre-college successes give confidence and performance is enhanced before the first college class begins.

Another way that this course gives a return on investment is financial. Many of our clients get one or more scholarships that are 2-3 times the cost of this course. They often credit those scholarships to having a plan. Many students receive scholarships from using our plans that result in a return on investment that can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

A third way this course produces a return on investment is another financial benefit. This course usually costs less than the cost for one 3 credit hour course at a public university. Studies are showing that a majority of students are taking 5 years to complete a 4 year degree. There are a variety of reasons from class failures, changing majors to not having a plan for your efforts. When one considers the cost of attending college for an extra year and then adds the year of lost income that would have been earned in that extra year, the amount would be staggering. Our clients tend to graduate on time and often are wearing honors cords at graduation. The result is that our graduates usually pay less for their degree than the majority of their fellow graduates.

Q: How can I get University Excel to come to my area?

A: There are 2 options:

  1. Fund raiser. Many schools or school clubs (football team, band, dance team, etc.) will use this course as a fund raiser. They contact University Excel and coordinate a date and location. Then the club members will recruit participants for the seminar. Part of the entrance fees for the attendees will go to the club as a “fund raiser”. Schedule a fundraiser now.

  2. Individual Course.  Individual courses are for those that want a custom course that focuses on each individuals strengths and needs. 

Q: How long should I expect the training to last?

A: Seminars average about 12-15 total hours of instruction. Details of the different course options are found in the product section.