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Many average performers get good grades but fall short of their elite aspirations.


We change that by teaching you:

EducationWhat preparations are necessary to succeed

FinanceAbout scholarships, loans and other income sources

ExcelTo Excel in any specialty and get into graduate schools

TimeHow to balance class, job and leisure

BrainEffective and focused study skills

DNATo identify the best school and major for you goals

RocketStrategies for graduating on time or early

More toolsAnd so much more...

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Sales Are Final and Non-Refundable
All sales are final and non-refundable. Because seminars have limit the number of participants and purchasing a seminar reserves one of the seats for that event, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Seats can be transferred with approval from University Excel LLC
Seats can be transferred by the purchaser to another individual but only after getting written approval from University Excel LLC and paying a $10 transfer fee. Transfer approval will not be given within 10 calendar days of the event. Follow steps below any transferring actions are taken.

  1. Request transfer from University Excel LLC in writing. Include name, email and contact number for person that will be receiving transferred seat. Also include name, email and phone number for original purchaser.
  2. Upon receipt of written approval from University Excel LLC, you will receive an invoice for a $10 transfer fee. Pay that invoice.
  3. Once a transfer approval and transfer fee is paid, only then will the name be switched.

Any reimbursement to the original purchaser by the transferring party (new student) is the responsibility of the original purchaser.

Though University Excel LLC will assist in the transfer process and facilitate this through referrals from the wait list whenever possible, there is no promise for such services and you agree that University Excel LLC has no liability in such matters.

Home Reference Book
As a condition of receiving the University Excel Home Reference Book, you will not share, copy, sell or distribute that book in any form. You understand that this is for your personal use only.

Non- Liability
University Excel LLC is not liable for any harm or damages that are encountered in any event or with any product. Though no products or activities sponsored by University Excel LLC are known to be inherently dangerous, normal life activities’ do have some inherent risks. University Excel LLC will not be liable for any such risks at an event or when one of its products is in use.

Photos or Images
You realize that the University Excel Staff takes photos at their seminars. I realize that these photos are property of University Elxcel. You give permission to University Excel LLC to use your image or your child's image in their business activities or as University Excel LLC sees fit, without any promise of compensation.

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Result Vary
University Excel LLC does not guarantee any results or outcomes by using any of its products or services. Results vary by the effort given and certain results cannot be guaranteed by purchase alone. Many variables to include student compliance to principles taught, appropriate use of a mentor, learning abilities and much more will affect the student’s results. Though there are many examples of success from individuals using the strategies and theories taught, no promises is given by University Excel LLC or its staff for individual results.